Welcome to the official site for the book Shanti the Grass-eating Lion as well as Shanti Action Clubs. We are also very happy to present a high-quality resource section for all parents and educators on how to raise well-balanced, mature, successful children and young people from infancy to adulthood.

Here we will offer updates on the progress of 'Shanti's Vision', as well as a host of inspirational writings from those involved in this work.

Our work is all about children and young people. When the children and young people of our world are sick and suffering, whether from material poverty or spiritual poverty, or both, then we can know that the future of our world will also be one of sickness and suffering.

This work is about making a home out of the whole world for children and young people where everyone feels they are related to everyone else; even if they are not related by external things such as blood, culture, country, religion and so on. A home that all children and young people will be able to be proud of and depend on when they are in need. A home where all youngsters can be loved and nurtured to reach their full potential as well-balanced, happy members of our one large human family.


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