‘Unconditional love emanates from every page of this delightful story...adventure...excitement...and humor...its spiritual message resonates loud and clear...’ - Marjorie Coughlan, PaperTigers.org

Shanti the Grass-eating Lion is a two-and-half-year work of love written to help fundraise for child welfare work. It’s for both adults and children (an adult / children cross-over book in publishing industry terms) and it uses parables in the guise of Shanti the Lion’s adventures to promote the power of non-violence and forgiveness. It was originally written to contribute to world peace by countering the effects of parents teaching their children to hate others because of ethnic origin, ideology and cultural differences and so on. (The book teaches children and young people to always try to focus on what they have in common with others instead of any perceived differences.)

Shanti the Grass-eating Lion also helps people reach a deeper understanding of the world around them. For instance, the book's author has spent time with Mexican Indians, Native Americans and Australian Aboriginals so the book borrows from their spirit of respecting and protecting the natural world. Similarly, he spent time volunteering with Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata and other charities all over the world. Consequently, he has tried to share through Shanti the Grass-eating Lion much of what he's been privileged to learn from serving the poorest of the poor.

The book has many more purposes from helping parents who want to bring up happy, successful children and find more meaning in life to empowering youngsters so they can fix the planet in ways we can’t. This is done by helping to facilitate children and young people into group volunteering through Action Clubs. Our comprehensive website lists numerous group projects they can get involved in to make their communities and the world a better place.

To date the book has proved very popular with everyone who has read it. In fact, we are often told that it’s a book that all parents need to read to their children. Schools have read the book to their students at assembly; others have made it a formal part of their curriculum. And what do the children think? They tend to read it again and again because Shanti the lion captures their hearts. It’s also affects adults in a deep way too.

The book and its accompanying resources are purely charitable and all profits from the book’s sale will be used for starting and maintaining orphanages wherever they are most needed in the world as well as projects to locate, free and rehabilitate child slaves and rehabilitate child soldiers.

'A gem. If you only read one more book this year, read this and give it
to the children and young people in your life...'
- Lifescape Magazine

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